Not only accountable to our investors and portfolio companies,

we are accountable to each other

Natalie Palmer
Client & Financial Services Manager

Natalie has a multifaceted role within AMERRA. Dynamic, proactive and committed to the highest levels of client service, Natalie is responsible for managing all aspects of investor relations, including working closely with AMERRA’s limited partners, third party administrator and supporting AMERRA’s Head of IR. Additionally, as a member of the accounting and finance team, Natalie processes accounts payables and assists with tax filings. She also oversees office administration and tech support functions. Natalie’s creative talents and desire for inclusivity and personal connection throughout the AMERRA team is evident in her role as an active member of the culture committee and organizer of all AMERRA functions.

Before joining AMERRA, Natalie worked at one of AMERRA’s portfolio companies for four years during which time she became a logistical coordinator and global trade expert. Her main responsibilities were managing direct shipments, coordinating with shipping lines, and facilitating supplier/customer relationships. Natalie also directed shipments from warehoused inventory and kept track of inventory levels and quality control. She was also responsible for handling all accounts payable and receivable.

Natalie has a diverse background. She has two Bachelor’s degrees, one in International Affairs, with a focus in the Middle East, and another in Studio Art from Lafayette College. Her hobbies range from athletics, including volleyball and skiing, to creative arts where she excels in painting.