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Environmental, Social and Governance Investment Guidelines

AMERRA recognizes that a focus on ESG positively affects the long-term financial performance of our investment portfolio while also driving social profitability for all stakeholders. Our ESG Investment Guidelines define AMERRA’s principles and objectives with respect to environmentally and socially responsible investing. AMERRA Capital Management will operate according to the following principles:

Good corporate practices

Conduct our business dealings to the highest standard of honesty, integrity, fairness and respect

Comply with all applicable laws and regulations

Regard implementation of our ESG guidelines as a work-in-progress where we can always seek to improve and grow over time

Encourage dialogue on ESG issues between all stakeholders of AMERRA in order to improve responsible investment standards within the private debt and equity industries

Distribute this policy and related ESG information to all employees


Recognize that long-term environmental and social sustainability is a necessary condition for a profitable  agri-business investment

Actively seek agri-business investments that provide long-term reductions and even solutions to environmental waste

Integrate consideration of ESG-related issues into our due diligence, investment decision-making processes and active management of a portfolio company

Consider the ESG related guidelines and metrics from the IFC, World Bank, and other well-established industry experts, such as GIIN (Global Impact Investing Network), when making investment decisions

Seek appropriate disclosure on all ESG issues by the entities in which we invest and their key stakeholders

Select appropriate metrics for the social and environmental dimensions of each individual investment

Utilize a fact- and science-based approach to all ESG related decision-making and metrics


Continually monitor status of the social and environmental metrics identified pre-investment

Recognize that ESG should be a key measure of success for evaluating an investment, regardless of the geography or specific sector of the investment   

Collaborate with our clients and portfolio companies to ensure that we incorporate their ESG initiatives and policies into our own practices and vice versa