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Robert Hodgen
Managing Director, Private Equity

Robert has a long track record of private equity investing in agribusiness fueled by a passion for connecting institutional capital with growth opportunities throughout the agriculture supply chain. His capabilities developed over 20 years of leadership roles, first with Cargill, then J.D. Heiskell & Co. and now AMERRA. Robert's knowledge and experience working within the agribusiness sector and as a PE manager has developed his keen insights into the value and investment potential of agricultural focused businesses.

Robert is a member of the PE Investment Committee at AMERRA and enjoys all aspects of his current role from fundraising to overseeing portfolio company development. The latter begins with a foundation of C-suite leadership skills within the fund’s operating companies followed by talent selection and development. His experience is that human capital within the portfolio companies is the most important factor driving superior returns for investors.

His successful track record has led to frequent invitations to speak at industry events and he is considered a thought leader in the space.  As an investor and expert in the field, Robert has developed a strong personal network that he uses to derive investment themes and source actionable investment opportunities.  His sector-specific connections create an efficient and effective diligence process that ensures selection of best-in-class management teams.

Robert’s extensive background in operating companies creates a value-added edge for agribusiness focused institutional investors as he works closely with portfolio companies on both strategy and operations.  He recently stepped in as both the interim- CEO and interim-CFO at Pipeline Foods to drive growth within the firm and execute an integration plan while doubling the size of the portfolio company. 

Raised on large-scale grain and beef cattle farm in Indiana, he holds a BS in Animal Science from Oklahoma State University and an MBA in Finance from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He is a graduate of the California Ag Leadership Program (Class 36) and previously served as a Director of the National Grain and Feed Association. Robert currently serves on the Board of Directors for Pipeline Foods and Mercon Coffee Group.